Get to Know Me!

September 05, 2019 1 Comment

Get to Know Me!

I wanted to start my blog experience off by telling some fun facts about myself so that my new community of badass women can get to know me better. Here are ten things you may not know about me!


  1. I never graduated college. I went to Central Michigan University right out of high school. It was 2.5 hours away from home. I was always a good kid in high school so once I got a hold of a little bit of freedom, I didn’t make the best choices. Partying and making friends was more important than class. After my first year, I was put on academic probation and decided to go to the local community college to get my act together. Eventually I decided that I wasn’t 100% sure about which career path I wanted to pursue. I was constantly changing my mind. I ended up diving deeper into my job and stopped taking classes.
  2. I have been in the hospitality industry since I was 16 years old. My first restaurant job I was a hostess at the local Big Boy. Damn, did that place open my eyes to some interesting people! I then went on to work at CPK, moving my way up from hostess to bartender. After moving to East Lansing I joined the opening team for HopCat. With them I traveled to Indianapolis, Detroit and Ann Arbor opening locations. I was managing at the Ann Arbor location but felt unfulfilled. I ended up quitting and taking a serving job at Savas in Ann Arbor before moving to Denver.
  3. I have a passion for craft beer. Not shocking since Michigan is often called the great beer state! I even brewed my own for a while. I’m a huge fan of IPAs and sour beers. Since moving to Denver, it has been fun trying all of the Colorado beers from breweries that don’t distribute.
  4. In my adult life I have moved 8+ times. More, if you count moving apartments within the same city! I have lived in a lot of fun cities in Michigan but moving to Denver has been my biggest move to date! Thankfully, my boyfriends new company has taken very good care of us and we haven’t had to lift a finger. The hardest part about moving is being away from my family. I am very close with them and we talk daily.
  5. I have a lot of insecurities. I deal with anxiety and often get anxious just because I want to be accepted by other people. I’m also very insecure with my own body. You may ask yourself, why would you open a boutique if you’re so insecure? Well, since launching my boutique it has helped me to become more secure with who I am. People follow my boutique on social media, like my comments, watch my stories and buy my products because they can relate to me. My goal is to be as transparent as possible. I still have a long way to go, but I’m happy with my progress so far.
  6. I’m fearful of failure, fire and the ocean. My fear of failure is another reason why my anxiety can get out of control some times. There are a lot of days where I tell myself, what are you doing?, you can’t do this, you’ll never make it. But guess what, instead of giving in to those emotions I have learned that it’s just a small moment in time and I’ll feel differently tomorrow and I keep chugging along. I’m not sure why I have a fear of fire or the ocean. I’ve had no traumatizing experiences in my lifetime with either. It wasn’t until recently that I could even light a lighter. Real talk! I think I’m fearful of the ocean because of all the creatures in there. Like I’ll dip my feet in, but if you think I’m going swimming, no thank you!
  7. I want to write a book some day. I am terrible at writing. So this is kind of an odd thing for me to want to do. I would want to write a children’s book or a murder mystery type book.
  8. Speaking of murder. I’m obsessed. Maybe its because I grew up hearing about infamous murders in the 90’s like Jonbenet Ramsey. I enjoy reading about them, listening to podcasts about them and watching movies about them!
  9. I love doing charity work and raising awareness and funds for various charities. I have done many things with different charities for cancer like Relay for Life, the Susan G. Komen breast cancer walk where I had to walk 60 miles in 3 days, and raising money for Movember Foundation to bring awareness for prostate cancer. Many people in my family, including both of my parents have had cancer. I am happy that they are both now cancer free but those were very scary times for my family. I also love doing charity work for no kill animal shelters. When I was living back in Michigan, Detroit Dog Rescue was my favorite. If you know of any no kill shelters in Denver, let me know!
  10. Some of my favorite things are black iced coffee, fall, chips and guac, and day drinking. Did that make me sound really basic?


Well, I hope you learned a little bit about me, or maybe a lot. Do we have anything in common?!




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You go you strong beautiful woman.

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